Ethos and Aims

Mission Statement:

To encourage and nurture a culture of cycling in Galway city, by establishing a practical, ethically motivated facility and social hub, which would encourage a strong community and promote the health and environmental benefits of cycling.

Organisation’s Aims:

1.   AMR is a social enterprise aimed at building strong community relationships through workshops, community engagement and events in Galway.

2.   To provide free ‘hands-off’ workshops, where volunteer workshop facilitators will verbally instruct and guide visitors on how to repair their bike.

3.  To bring many different groups together, including members of NUI Galway and the wider Galway City community, with a focus on youth and those on lower incomes, among other vulnerable groups of society.

4.  To enable, empower and encourage people, whilst providing a friendly service, to tie in with other green and community initiatives.

5.  Promoting health benefits of cycling as a mode of transport.

6.  To help green and community initiatives in Galway and develop a positive community/university atmosphere and interaction.

7.  To bring about practical change through social and community interactions and events.

Our Objectives (what we will do towards our aims):

1.  AMR shall be run by its members and volunteers, as per article 6 on membership. A limited set of finance i.e. private/public funding, donations, membership and management tasks will be performed by a coordinating group on behalf of all of the members

2. AMR will provide people the facilities, tools and space free of charge to repair or service their bikes through   quick and easy guidance through hands on learning experience.

3 AMR will offer a welcoming space to socialise in a friendly and creative environment; and that it offers people the opportunity to develop lifelong skills including bicycle mechanics, coordination and teaching.

Opening hours

Repairs & Services
(usually 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

DIY Workshops
(Usually 6-9pm Wednesdays
12-3pm Saturdays
Closed Bank Holidays)

Contact Info

Phone: 091 – 494347
Mobile: 085 2832866
Address: An Mheitheal Rothar,
Block R, Earls Island, University Road, Galway


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